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Office AHU Infrastructure Replacement

Cyma Builders & Construction Managers was contracted to manage the strategic replacement of packaged air handling equipment for a group of office buildings in Horsham, PA. Each air handling unit had reached its projected life expectancy, and was beginning to experience continuous maintenance issues.  Seven (7) units were replaced in total ranging from 20,000 – 30,000 CFM (Approx. 175 Tons/EA).

All buildings were fully occupied during normal business hours, meaning that any shutdown of the HVAC system or crane picks could not occur during that time. In order to mitigate this issue, the following schedule was proposed for each individual AHU replacement:

  • Friday @ 5:00 PM – The existing AHU’s will be shutdown, safed off, disconnected and prepped for crane pick on Saturday.
  • Saturday – Pick the existing unit off the roof and haul offsite.  Pick the new unit up and reconnect all ductwork, piping, controls and electrical feeders.
  • Sunday – Make final connections, startup and balance the system.

This sequence of work allowed each AHU to be replaced during consecutive weekends, and resulted in zero downtime for daily business operations.

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