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James J. Obermeier


Jim Obermeier brings over 40 years of operational experience and, as President, oversees all facets of the Cyma organization. He has extensive experience as both a Manager and Executive on various project types and sizes, including many of the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, and Technology projects Cyma has successfully completed over the last 25 years. Jim’s hands-on approach to project delivery, coupled with his ability to implement resourceful solutions to unforeseen construction conditions has proved invaluable to Cyma and its clients.

Jim takes a vested interest in each Cyma project, ensuring the team is meeting all expectations and milestones throughout the project lifecycle. His vast project experience has provided him a large area of expertise including project planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering, constructability analysis project management, cost control, and quality control.

Michael Royce

Executive Vice-President

Mike Royce is an accomplished Construction Manager with over 20 years of project experience. Serving in various pre-construction and construction roles throughout his career, he was instrumental in developing the strong pre-construction approach to projects that Cyma Builders is known for. Mike’s ability to analyze projects as both a constructor and an engineer provides a unique level of insight for clients, especially during the Basis of Design, Value Engineering, and Constructability Analysis phases.

Mike has effectively managed and led the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction efforts across many types of construction projects. He has extensive experience with complex central utilities, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and unique process applications. His innate ability to recognize the interests and objectives of the Owner allows him to successfully integrate them into the overall project plan.

Mike’s technical approach to construction has afforded him a highly qualified skill set.  Areas of expertise include design management, project execution planning, conceptual estimating, cost and constructability analysis, value maximization and engineering, contract negotiation, and project planning/scheduling.

Bill Leonard, P.E.

Director, Project Management

Bill Leonard, P.E., serves as Director, Project Management for Cyma Builders and leads the organization’s EPCM and Design-Build efforts.  He is focused on assisting clients with projects from initiation through design and pre-construction, to execution and successful completion. Bill is a licensed professional engineer in addition to an experienced builder and successfully applies his expertise to each phase of a project’s life cycle.  

Bill’s experience covers a wide range of pharmaceutical and technical applications, including R&D, manufacturing and infrastructure, with a heavy focus on cGMP systems and environments.  His portfolio consists of large capital projects and multi-project portfolios, all with unique and challenging aspects. This diverse background allows Bill to focus on his client’s specific needs and customizing a delivery model to most effectively achieve their goals.

Since joining Cyma in 2008, Bill has served in multiple pre-construction and construction roles within the organization and accumulated a diverse range of skills, including design coordination and project management, estimating, procurement, scheduling, cash flow and earned value analysis, constructability and logistics planning, construction and project controls management, active facility and shutdown coordination.  

Derek Balent, LEED AP

Director, Pre-Construction

Derek is an accomplished Senior Estimator with over 18 years of pharmaceutical construction experience.  He has served multiple field roles throughout his career, enhancing his effectiveness during the preconstruction process.  Derek’s ability to analyze projects as a constructor, and an engineer give unique insight to projects, especially during the value engineering and constructability phases. He has effectively managed and led the pre-construction efforts on many fast track, multi-phased, pharmaceutical construction projects.  He has an extensive experience with high-end corporate office construction.  His ability to develop and implement front end project execution plans lays the ground work for project implementation and his overall expertise in estimating and procurement leads to long term project success.

Derek’s technical capabilities include conceptual estimating, detailed quantity take-off and estimate preparation, constructability analysis, value engineering, subcontractor bid solicitation and evaluation, contract negotiation, scheduling, logistics planning, equipment expediting, cost control, procurement, and coordination of all aspects of pre-construction.   

Randy S. Wieder

Director, Field Operations

Randy is an accomplished and driven Construction Manager with over 25 years of project experience, much of his career in the pharmaceutical construction industry.  Throughout his tenure, Randy has worked in various pre-construction and construction roles enhancing his effectiveness during the entire project delivery process.   

His ability to coordinate trade contractors, build partnerships and work collaboratively with clients, architects, engineers, and local officials allows him to provide executive oversight during construction through quality workmanship and projects completed safely, within budget and on time.  

Randy’s acquired construction proficiencies throughout his career have led him to be an effective team manager and communicator, motivator, and team builder.  His strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize, plan and manage risk for every job he oversees is a testament to his success. 

Daniel Baunach

Director, Process and Technology

Dan Baunach is an established and proven Project Manager with over 10 years of construction management experience. He is acutely effective at developing overall project execution plans and carrying them out from inception to final owner acceptance. Dan is also accomplished at managing project teams and appropriately assigning resources to specific activities to ensure projects remain on schedule, under budget, and to a quality that surpasses expectations. Dan has significant experience managing large capital projects in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, with a focus on fast-tracked projects that must be executed within an active campus environment.

Dan’s primary focus is identifying the needs of the customer and executing projects in such a way to ensure those expectations are met and/or exceeded. He excels at ensuring the construction management teams are communicating properly and clearly with clients so that projects are executed efficiently, and risks of unplanned shutdowns or issues are minimized.

Dan’s capabilities include engineering and design coordination, project value analysis, commissioning coordination and planning, master and project-specific scheduling, procurement, and overall project supervision and coordination.

Michael Siegel


Mike Siegel has served many financial roles over the past 20 years, all focused on the construction, development, and real estate management industries.  He currently leads Cyma Builder’s accounting department, but also provides leadership and oversight of Cyma’s Human Resource, Information Systems, and Risk Management functions. During his time at Cyma, Mike has been instrumental in implementing a financial control function that has allowed Cyma’s financial function to scale significantly and meet both external and internal client expectations. He has led several software and knowledge management implementations and initiatives to enable and empower a workforce dispersed across the United States.

Mike is a graduate of Ursinus College and also holds a Master of Science degree from Widener University in Accounting Information Systems and Business Process Improvement. He is active in the Philadelphia Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA).

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