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James J. Obermeier


Mr. Obermeier brings over thirty-seven (37) years of operational experience and, as President, oversees all facets of the Cyma organization. He has extensive experience as both a Manager and Executive on various project types and sizes, including many of the Life Science, Pharmaceutical and
Technology projects Cyma has successfully completed over the last 15 years. Jim’s hands on approach to project delivery, coupled with his ability to implement resourceful solutions to unforeseen construction conditions have proved invaluable to Cyma and its clients alike.

Mr. Obermeier takes a vested interest in each Cyma project, ensuring the team is meeting all expectations and milestones throughout the project lifecycle. His vast project experience has provided him a large area of expertise including project planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering, constructability analysis project management, cost control and quality control.

Michael Royce


Mr. Royce is an accomplished Construction Manager with over twenty (20) years of project experience. He has served various pre-construction and construction roles throughout his career and has been instrumental in developing the strong pre-construction approach to projects that Cyma Builders has become known for. Mike’s ability to analyze projects as both a constructor and an engineer provides a unique level of insight for Clients especially during the Basis of Design, Value Engineering and Constructability Analysis phases.

Mr. Royce has effectively managed and led the pre-construction, construction, and post construction efforts across many construction project types. He has an extensive experience with complex central utilities, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and unique process applications. He has an innate ability to recognize the interests and objectives of the Owner and successfully integrate them into the overall project plan.

Mr. Royce’s technical approach to construction has afforded him a highly qualified skill set and his areas of expertise includes design management, project execution planning, conceptual estimating, cost and constructability analysis, value maximization & engineering, contract negotiation and project planning/scheduling.

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