Confidential Client – B42 Waste Neutralization

In 2008, this Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company completed construction on a new R&D facility (B42 – Research Center 1) at their Spring House campus. This building was designed with standalone utility and waste systems that operated independent of the existing site CUP. In 2012, the site started experiencing issues with high levels of copper in effluent being let from the site. It was determined that improperly designed HVAC system were the culprit; however, the issue prompted the site to consolidate their Process Waste Neutralization to the existing Plant located onsite, rather than let RC-1 remain as a standalone system.

The solution for this was originally though to require a 2,000 LF double-wall pipe run directly to the existing Waste Neutralization Plant. Cyma investigated and proposed an alternate tie-in location, which required only 600 LF of piping. This solution was implemented and constructed back from the proposed tie-in point back to the building line. Interior to the building, an above ground process waste collection tank was installed, and the process waste effluent diverted directly into the new tank. Collected waste would then be transferred via force main through the building to the exterior system peak, where it would gravity flow to the tie-in and eventually the Waste Neutralization Plant. All work was safely executed, specifically the excavation which occurred mostly in high traffic loading dock and drive areas.

The final solution has consolidated the Waste Neutralization for the site to a single location, and cut their sampling requirement in half. Dilution of the RC-1 waste with the rest of the site waste in itself has solved the high copper levels, while more permanent HVAC solutions are implemented.

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