Cyma Completes Phase 2 of August Bio Expansion

Cyma Builders proudly announces the successful completion of Phase 2 at August Bioservices, marking a milestone in our commitment to construction excellence and client satisfaction.

Expanding GMP Production Spaces and cGMP Warehouse Capacity

The primary objective of Phase 2 was to augment the existing GMP production spaces and cGMP warehouse capacity at the facility. This involved constructing and finalizing the cGMP warehouse, completing CNC and Process corridors, and installing necessary MEP infrastructure.

The culmination of Phase 2 resulted in several key accomplishments:

  • 6,500 SF of new cGMP warehouse capacity
  • Two new 175 BHP boilers
  • Two new 128 ton chillers
  • A new clean compressed air system
  • A new WFI and CS Generation and Distribution system.
  • Six new roof top air handlers to support the new spaces.

These enhancements provide the foundation for improved operational efficiency and capacity expansion, empowering August Bioservices to meet growing demands and advance their mission.

Overcoming Challenges with Precision and Expertise

Despite challenges, such as the presence of extensive limestone bedrock and the proximity to the Colonial Natural Gas Pipeline, we successfully executed blasting activities. This was achieved through meticulous planning and collaboration with subcontractors and pipeline owners, ensuring zero incidents.

Following blasting operations, we swiftly transitioned to constructing the building shell using a steel superstructure with precast panels for durability. Simultaneously, interior fit-out work commenced on the warehouse, and despite supply chain delays, our proactive approach and strategic partnerships mitigated potential setbacks.

Looking Ahead: Phase 3 and Beyond

As we celebrate Phase 2’s success, we look forward to Phase 3’s growth. Scheduled to start in late Q1, it will introduce two formulation suites for custom filling lines. Our team remains dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of the project, driving innovation and progress in the field of construction.

The successful completion of Phase 2 at August Bioservices underscores our commitment to quality, safety, and client satisfaction. We extend gratitude to stakeholders for their collaboration, shaping the future of construction excellence. Stay tuned for updates as we proceed to the next phase!

For inquiries or to learn more about our services, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Almac Groundbreaking Ceremony

Cyma Builders, Almac, & the design partners gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Almac North American Headquarters Expansion Project (Souderton, PA). This transformative initiative will enhance the existing campus by adding an impressive 113,410 square feet, increasing parking capacity, and implementing substantial site and utility infrastructure improvements.

Read Almac’s announcement of the ceremony here.

Cyma Builders Completes Phase 1 of August Bioservices Expansion

Cyma Builders is proud to announce it successfully completely the first of two (2) manufacturing expansion projects of August Bioservices Nashville manufacturing operations. The first expansion focused on renovating August Bio’s existing facility to increase manufacturing capacity and development capabilities for liquid and lyophilized vial filling, prefilled syringe fillin, IV bags and terminal sterilization.

Together, August Bioservices & Cyma Builders are growing pharmaceutical manufacturing in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Watch the video showcasing August Bioservices manufacturing expansion here!

Cyma Builders Restructures Operations

Cyma Builders is pleased to announce the restructuring of our operations strategy to best align our resources and employees with a focus toward future growth. As always, we continue to maintain the high level of service our clients have come to expect. 

Mike Royce remains Vice President of Cyma Builders, responsible for Cyma’s operations and project delivery resources. 

Bill Leonard, PE, will now serve as Director, Project Management. This role will build upon Bill’s current responsibilities of EPCM delivery and design management. In addition, he will manage project managers’ performance and the internship program, focusing on quality control and continuous improvement.

Randy Wieder will serve as Director, Field Operations. Randy will manage all field personnel, specifically Cyma’s superintendents and laborers. This includes resource-loading across Cyma’s projects to ensure all job sites are appropriately staffed. Additionally, Randy will be responsible for field staff performance, quality control, and making ongoing improvements. 

Dan Baunach will serve as Director, Process & Technology. Dan keeps his current responsibilities for technical GMP projects and he remains our subject matter expert for delivery of these projects. He will also manage the company’s technology platform for information and project controls needs. 

Derek Balent will serve as Director, Pre-Construction. Derek will continue to serve in a leadership role over Cyma’s Estimating and Procurement operations. 

Tom Santoli will continue to serve as Director, Safety & Health. Tom heads up Cyma’s Health & Safety Department, develops company policies and procedures, and implements the safety program in the field. 

The entire Cyma organization remains committed to successful delivery of our clients’ projects. Please feel free to reach out to any member of our leadership team to address any questions, concerns or future project needs.

Cyma Builders Completes Charles River Projects

Cyma Builders recently completed a portfolio of projects for Charles River across their Malvern & Wayne Facilities.  The portfolio consisted of a variety of laboratory, clean room and infrastructure upgrades across the two facilities.  Click here to check out more details on the ISO 6 clean room!

Cyma Completes Central Utility Plant Expansion

Cyma Builders has recently achieved mechanical completion on a 15,000 SF Central Utility Plant Expansion for a confidential client in Jacksonville, FL. Check out the flyover of the new facility below and read more about the project in the profile linked here.

Cyma Builders’ Team Members Receive Procurement Award from Becton Dickinson for 2016 Project Pride Portfolio

The team at Cyma Builders is proud to announce that their team members have been presented with Procurement Awards for their support of Becton Dickinson’s master plan initiatives in Franklin Lakes, NJ and Sparks, MD. Project Pride consists of a master planning effort and renovations at both campuses to support business goals and optimize the workplace environment. The team at Cyma appreciates the recognition, and is looking forward to a successful implementation of future work with Becton Dickinson.

Henry Burhenne, Cyma Superintendent, Safety Certified


One of Cyma Builders & Construction Managers’ finest Superintendents, Henry Burhenne, successfully passed the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), Safety Trained Supervisor in Construction (STSC) Exam on September 9th, 2016. The STSC is a national recognized third party safety certification for those with supervisor responsibilities in construction. In the past twenty years, the responsibilities of safety professionals have expanded. Safety issues have become more complex and today’s safety professionals must be continually better qualified. BCSP credential holders are among the most highly trained, educated, and experienced individuals in the safety field. Currently, the BCSP has only 6,000 individuals who actively hold STSC certification.

Henry has been a Superintendent with the Cyma Builders & Construction Managers for over 10 years and a member of the Local 158 Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters for 31 years. Mike Quinn, A safety professional that works with Henry, said, “Henry Burhenne is the true definition of a professional superintendent. The way he deals with the client (JNJ), the subcontractors and his fellow employees demonstrates his professionalism and knowledge of the business. Henry can effectively communicate construction needs to the pharmaceutical client. He is the perfect bridge between subcontractors and end-users. His understanding of construction in the pharmaceutical industry is integral in conducting day to day operations. It is a pleasure to work with Henry on a daily basis.” Henry has set the example for others to follow and his STSC certification has only increased his already esteemed leadership.

Confidential Client – Oven Room Construction Project

Local to our west coast presence, Cyma Builders & Construction Managers completed a $500,000 Oven Room construction project for a confidential Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical firm in Vacaville, California. During this job, which consisted of 500 SQ.FT. of work and a very aggressive timeline, the client required renovation of this existing manufacturing space.

The facility owned existing ovens to cure the product; however, they had been walled off to create additional space from previous renovation. The ovens were opened back up to the existing space and two new rooms were created – a new room for the ovens as well as a transitional room from the existing space to the oven room to serve as an airlock. After years of neglect, the oven needed a complete electrical and mechanical overhaul. All the electrical, HMI and chart recorder panels were refurbished and the existing air handling units and ductwork were tested for leaks as well as received new inline HEPA filters.

In addition, new terminal HEPA filters, LED lighting, stainless steel sliding doors, and epoxy flooring were installed in the two new rooms. Due to the strict timeline, the equipment was expedited and construction activities had to be uniquely phased to meet the deadline. The project was delivered on time and under budget to meet the client’s schedule.

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