Centocor – Building 1 Masterplan

Cyma Builders renovated an existing R&D Facility for the Bioprocess Sciences and Purification Sciences division, which supports Centocor’s manufacturing operations including trouble-shooting, technology transfer, and development of improvements to current manufacturing methods. Much of the work took place directly adjacent to occupied space which required heavy coordination with tenants and building management in order to properly coordinate utility shut-down schedules and logistics. New installation included distribution of steam, condensate, and chilled water for HVAC, process utility, and process use. Installation of lab gas manifolds from bulk storage and distribution for process use, installation of new below slab process waste collection system and new 480V electrical service, secondary gear, and distribution was also incorporated into this project. We also replaced the 208V electrical service, secondary gear, and distribution and built new IT distribution closets. New construction of cold storage units, a new Analytical Lab, administrative offices and new toilet rooms completed this phase of the project.

The second phase of the Building 1 Masterplan Project involved the coordination and installation of new MEP infrastructure to support laboratory systems. We were again working directly adjacent to occupied areas and successfully coordinated shutdowns and access with building management and tenants. The second phase also required constructed of a centralized wash & autoclave facility, distribution of utilities for a new chilled water air handling unit and installation of a new air-cooled chiller that feeds the new chilled water air handling unit.

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