Confidential Client – Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Cyma has been a strategic partner to this Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company for over 10 years and has completed over 200 projects at their Spring House, PA campus. Recently, Cyma upgraded the electrical infrastructure through a multi-phase staged switchover of prime power. The primary electrical service and emergency back-up systems were nearly 25 years old and had reached the end of their useful life. Cyma was retained during preliminary design to assist the design team in developing effective strategies for seamless power transitions.

Stage 1 consisted of the replacement of the sites existing 35KV double ended service entrance, including (2) incoming switches, (2) circuit breakers, (2) liquid transformers, and a central switch house. The existing service components were all fed over head from the switches to the switch house. Cyma developed a plan to construct the new line up parallel to the existing, to best accommodate the existing PECO feeds. This strategy required the construction of a substantial retaining wall, due to a significant change in grade. Shielding was installed and the service line up was installed, consisted of a (2) new incoming switches, (2) circuit breakers, (2) liquid transformers, and (1) new custom switch house. The new gear was all bottom fed via duct banks. The (2) incoming PECO services were spliced during dedicated shutdowns and extended to the new switches. The new line up was fully commissioned and (1) side was introduced at a time to minimize risk. As part of the new line up was introduced the same side of the existing line up was de-energized.

Stage 2 consisted of the replacement of (2) interior emergency generators; a 500 KW and a 350KW. A new 1MW Cummins exterior generator was installed outside of the existing electrical room. Upon completion of the testing and commissioning the feeds were terminated at the ATS’s under a scheduled shut down, the new emergency network was tested for a period of (30) days and then the existing generators were demolished.

Stage 3 consisted of the replacement of (2) large motor control centers supporting critical plant equipment, as well as replacement of an existing 480V transformer at an existing interior substation. The critical loads were temporarily transferred to adjacent MCC’s during the replacement and transferred back to the original location upon completion.

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