Monell Chemical Senses – Lab & Office Renovation

Cyma completed a project for Monell Chemical Senses in downtown Philadelphia at 35th and Market Streets. The project required conversion of an existing 12,500 SF office plan to a new chemistry lab on the third floor of a four story building, with occupancy on the first, second, and fourth floors. Working in downtown Philadelphia, combined with working inside an occupied building made this a challenging project to say the least, however Cyma has vast experience dealing with both difficult scenarios.

Existing toilet room cores adjacent to the work area were upgraded and new MEP work included a new supply/exhaust/return air ductwork system with a hot water reheat, new power panels fed from exiting distribution panels, distribution of lab grade power and lighting, a new wet sprinkler system from an existing stand pipe, distribution of lab gas systems from existing building systems, lab waste and vent distribution, domestic water distribution for lab use. All new lab finishes were implemented, including painted metal casework with epoxy counters.

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