Paul Hahr, CYMA Superintendent, Safety Certification Achievement

Cyma Builders & Construction Managers announced a safety certification achievement for one of their Superintendent’s, Paul Hahr. On April 21, 2016 Paul passed the Board of Certified Professionals (BCSP) Safety Trained Supervisor in Construction certification. The STSC is a nationally recognized third party safety certification for those with supervisor responsibility in construction.

Paul Hahr has been with Cyma Builders & Construction Managers since 2011 and has displayed an incredible reputation among his clientele as well as his fellow employees. Tom Santoli, Director of Safety and Health for Cyma stated, “Paul Hahr is a diligent and experienced Superintendent that understands and embraces the critical role that site supervision plays in the construction safety effort. Paul has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to proactively identify safety and health challenges on complicated pharmaceutical construction projects and his skill implementing safety solutions in the field.”

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