Renaissance – Spray Lab

For this project, we transformed a warehouse into a state-of-the-art dynamic laboratory space, complete with new lab areas, mechanical mezzanines, and upgraded utilities.

The project encompassed diverse construction and renovation tasks to meet the client’s requirements. Central to the transformation was the creation of new lab spaces, including supporting facilities like restrooms and a loading dock area. Key features of the fitout included a 10,000 square foot mezzanine that required robust footings and steel dunnage. The new mezzanine was constructed to accommodate essential mechanical equipment such as rooftop exhaust fans and air handler units. Extensive ductwork ensured efficient airflow and ventilation throughout the facility.

Upgrades to the electrical service were crucial, necessitating collaboration with utility companies and ownership for installation of new distribution gear and dedicated panels for lab equipment. Additionally, new drainage and utility systems, including gas services, were integrated to support lab operations.

Despite challenges like excavating and installing mezzanine footings and coordinating utility upgrades with local authorities, the project excelled. Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, disruptions were minimized, ensuring seamless operations. We are very pleased that the project not only met but exceeded the expectations of the client, providing a versatile and state-of-the-art research environment for years to come.

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