Animas/Life Scan – Chesterbrook Building 965 Renovations

The Animas/Life Scan Chesterbrook Building 965 Renovations was a multi-faceted project with the overall goal of upgrading multiple components of the existing building workspace and employee areas. From the project outset, Cyma Builders worked closely with the design team to develop a project scope that worked within an available budget. Approximately 25,000 SF of the 3 story, 125,000 SF building was renovated, without any impact to the active office facility. Numerous portions of the building were upgraded for a variety of workplace improvement, including the Cafeteria, Server, Training Centers, Fitness Center, Touchdown Space, Conference Rooms, Kitchenettes, Stairwells, Lobby and Mobility Center. The project was constructed under multiple phases, all of which were turned over on time and within budget.

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