Becton Dickinson – C2 Office Renovation

Cyma Builders was selected by Becton Dickinson as their construction management partner to complete a comprehensive Master Plan renovation of two (2) sites, their corporate headquarters in Franklin Lakes, NJ and a manufacturing facility in Sparks, MD. This project was designed to be a multi-year effort to strategically renovate each facility, while strategically utilizing swing space and maintaining daily business operations throughout each campus. The end goal was to modernize the workplace by converting traditional office space to a more open, collaborative and flexible environment.

In Franklin Lakes, the initial C2 renovation (left) was chartered as a pilot to construct numerous flexible office features to assist in evaluation of those that would truly be functional for BD. The existing C2 area was 12,000 SF consisting of an antiquated conference facility.  The existing space was gutted back to an open floor plate, which included removal and infill of an existing elevator shaft. The new program consisted primarily of open office layout with sit-to-stand workstations, but also include private offices for high-level associates, conference rooms, huddle rooms, privacy rooms and hoteling space. A new employee training room was also programmed to accommodate large training sessions, and included modern fold partition flexibility to segregate the space into smaller areas. The space required upgrades of the existing HVAC distribution to accommodate the office layout, including new VAV’s/reheat coils and low pressure duct distribution and GRD’s. Power was distributed in the 1st floor plenum and cored through the 2nd floor slab to accommodate the workstation layout. A robust AV package was installed throughout all conference and collaboration space, including flat screen monitors, wireless projection systems and video conferencing capabilities. To increase mobility, unassigned workstations were deployed with lockers to accommodate those employees who chose to work from home more frequently. This portion of the project was completed on time and under budget with positive reviews from the associates who occupied the area.

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