Confidential Client – Capacity Expansion Masterplan

Cyma Builders was selected as the construction manager by this Pharmaceutical company to implement their Capacity Expansion Masterplan. The project was driven by spatial constraint of multiple programs throughout the site, including offices, warehouse and manufacturing (not pictured). The project was design to accommodate the additional needs of all three spaces within a single building addition.

The overall project consisted of constructing a new 17,000 SF pre-engineered building structure to accommodate the new program, which was apportioned 3,500 SF office, 3,500 SF manufacturing and 10,000 SF warehouse. The project commenced with an expansive pile driving effort, which was required due to poor soil conditions and adjacency to the river, followed by concrete mat slab construction. A 2,500 SF modular Vault was then delivered and erected onsite to accommodate controlled substance storage capacity requirements. The pre-engineered metal building was subsequently delivered to site and full assembled in the field around the Vault. The design of the building was done in conjunction with Cyma’s PEMB Division and Nucor. The structure had two sections, a lower roof area to accommodate the offices and an elevated one to accommodate the manufacturing and warehouse programs. All equipment loads were coordinated heavily during the design phase so the building purchase could be expedited and comply with the critical path.

The building erection was proceeded by receipt and rigging of major rooftop HVAC equipment. The office area was supported by a new 10,000 CFM packaged, DX AHU, while the manufacturing area was served by a 27,500 CFM custom Haakon AHU, inclusive of split condensing unit and heat pipe for energy recovery from the exhaust stream. Both units were installed on the roof over the office area, with the manufacturing system ducted over to the high-bay portion of the structure. A 16,000 CFM vertical air rotation unit was utilized for the warehouse and installed on an interior pad. Office construction included a new conference room, workstations and enclosed offices. The warehouse was design to accommodate 192 total pallet positions, with the Vault design to house an additional 192. All racking was installed to achieve this and a new epoxy coating installed across the warehouse floor.

The manufacturing area was designed to accommodate two (2) new Finishing Suites, only one of which was constructed and built out as part of the project. Additional support spaces included a Wash Room and Weigh/Dispense/Re-Pack Area. The proposed Finishing Suite included installation of existing mill and sifter equipment for bulk API processing; however, a new stack-up was required in order to accommodate their reuse. Cyma Builders led the procurement effort to purchase the new stack-up complete with new IBC’s, post lift, static butterfly valves, blender, and pack out equipment surrounded by a multi-tier stainless steel mezzanine. Additional process equipment purchases were also coordinated to accommodate the program including roller conveyors and floor scales.

The office and warehouse area were turned over on time and within budget in October 2015. the manufacturing suite is currently on schedule and within budget currently projected to conclude in the first quarter of 2016.

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