DPT Laboratories – SVP Suite

Cyma Builders & Construction Managers was retained to provide pre-construction and construction management services for DPT Laboratories new Small Volume Parenterals manufacturing suite at their Lakewood, NJ Facility. The SVP Suite was the first phase of a multi-phase manufacturing expansion and capacity upgrade. The program was constructed within an existing cGMP manufacturing area, requiring strategic implementation of construction and interface with existing utilities.

Work commenced with construction of temporary containment systems with negative air equipment to ensure adjacent manufacturing operations would not be compromised, followed by demolition of the existing program. A new concrete vault was constructed below the existing concrete slab to hold a process waste collection tank, cooling system, and transfer pump assembly. A network of Stainless steel process waste collection pipe and drain points were installed to support the manufacturing waste. In order to accommodate process support and HVAC equipment a structural steel mezzanine was constructed in the interstitial space and a platform was constructed at the roof level.

Modular construction was chosen for all clean room walls, ceilings, and doors. A ¼” troweled applied epoxy floor system with integral cove base was used throughout as a common floor finish.

Two custom air handling units were installed at the roof level and were supported by a common make up air unit to pre-condition the intake of outside air. Several custom exhaust fans were provided to relieve excess air. An HVAC chiller plant was implemented , consisting of an air cooled chiller, holding tank, and circulation pump. A humidification steam boiler was installed at the roof level with a series of humidification coils placed strategically in the supply duct stream. Supply, return, and exhaust ductwork was distributed and constructed in accordance with each room’s ISO classification. A new BAS control systems instituted to support all new HVAC equipment.

Clean utilities for the new process consisted of USP water, process chilled water, compressed air, and nitrogen. With the exception of process chilled water all clean utilities existed at the site, but required a very strategic approach for tie-ins and distribution to the SVP suite, due to the fact they supported business critical manufacturing. A new process chiller was installed at the roof level to support the process cooling. Utility panels were utilized to serve as centralized use points for all clean utilities with stainless steel hoses from panels to equipment.

The main substation had adequate capacity to support the new manufacturing program, however a new breaker was required to feed secondary 480V distribution gear. Several transformers and power panels were installed at the mezzanine level for process, HVAC, lighting, and general loads. A UPS was provided for back up of critical loads. All new lighting was clean room grade.

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