DPT Laboratories – Washroom Prep Suite

Cyma Builders & Construction Managers was selected by DPT Laboratories for a multi-component project to build a new Wash Prep Suite along with a Critical Utility Plant in support of ongoing operations and future expansion plans.

The Equipment Wash Prep Suite ($5,250,000.00/5,000 SF) involved the construction of a new wash room to support current and future filling operations as well as the construction of new utilities to support the future expansion needs of the facility. The wash room was constructed using the AES modular clean room system, and includes Grade C and D spaces. A new 13,500 CFM AHU was installed on roof level dunnage, along with all associated supply/seturn distribution and terminal HEPA filtration. Process utility distribution include new clean steam and WFI piping to points of use and washroom equipment connections. The challenges in constructing the suite involved installing a large amount of ductwork, re-circulation fans, and other HVAC & Process utilities in a mechanical space above the suite while maintaining a clearly designated walking path on the ceiling for maintenance and testing access. This effort required extensive coordination between the subcontractor, Cyma, architect and engineer to ensure an acceptable end product. Cyma also tied the new wash suite into an existing production suite during a compressed shutdown schedule to accommodate the client’s need to maintain production.

The new wash suite required the installation of several new pieces of equipment to allow for the proper operation of the room. Two Steris parts washers and Belimed Autoclaves were installed in the suite and integrated into the AES wall system and integrated with stainless steel closure panels.

The Critical Utility Infrastructure ($3,600,000/4,000 SF) upgrades to the production facility were extensive during the Equipment Prep & Wash project. Cyma performed a complete upgrade of two of the existing electrical services during this project, which served almost all of the major production and storage areas at the plant. This shutdown required an extensive, coordinated shutdown that was performed over a weekend. Cyma and the client worked together to ensure that all critical areas were supported with emergency power, and to make sure that the transfer of the loads from the old switchboards to the new substations were performed without issue.

Other infrastructure upgrades include major modifications to the plant’s water for injection (WFI) capabilities. A new 8,000 gallon Feldmeier holding tank was installed, along with a custom distribution skid to support the new WFI loop that was installed as part of this project as well as the existing loop that was currently in service. Cyma installed a new MECO Vapor Compression Still and Pretreatment system to perform the WFI generation on this new system. In addition to this infrastructure, Cyma also purchased and installed a new Digital Analysis Waste Neutralization system to treat any waste before releasing it to the township drainage system. All work was performed strategically to avoid impact to any active manufacturing operations. Architectural room construction followed equipment installation to define the boundaries of the newly complete Critical Utility Plant.

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