Cyma Builders Completes Fast – Track 23,000+ SF DEA Vault Facility

Cyma Builders has successfully completed construction on a 23,000 SF DEA Vault facility for a client in Huntsville, AL to expand their existing Distribution Center. The project was originally chartered to support additional storage capacity needs in order to meet DEA requirements. Cyma executed the project utilizing an EPCM model, to manage all aspects of project design, procurement, construction and commissioning. The project was kicked off at a concept level on February 2, 2015 and receive final Certificate of Occupancy at the end of September. The team at Cyma utilized lean methodologies in conjunction with our subcontractors to expedite the project and manage parallel critical paths simultaneously. In recognition of such effort by M&D Mechanical on the project, the North Alabama Association of Builders and Contractor has recognized the project for Excellence in Construction. The completion of this project on time and under budget is a testament to the hard work of the individuals and partner firms, who remained focused on successful delivery throughout.

Cyma Superintendent Jeff Walters Recognized as ‘Best of the Best’ at SADV’s 2015 Professional Showcase

Cyma Builder’s Jeff Walters has been recognized by the Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley (SADV) as one of the ‘Best of the Best’ in the Superintendent category during their 2015 Professional Showcase. Jeff’s hard work and dedication to his profession are a constant asset to Cyma’s organization and the clients we support. Congratulations to Jeff on this well deserved honor!

Cyma Builders Completes Fast – Tracked Laboratory Renovation for DPT Laboratories in Lakewood, NJ

Cyma Builders was engaged by DPT Laboratories to relocate a critical laboratory function from a leased building to a newly purchased site.  The 3,000 SF fit-out was budget constrained and required close coordination between construction and design teams to ensure a workable design was established and maintained.  Eight weeks was allotted for construction with on-time delivery necessary to avoid punitive lease clauses in the existing building.  Project scope consisted of HVAC, lab gas and electrical distribution to accommodate the new program.  New casework and fume hoods were installed, along with a new epoxy flooring system.  Client occupancy and equipment validation commenced immediately upon substantial completion of construction, and allowed the leased space to be successfully vacate by the 3/22 deadline.

Cyma Builders Completes Installation of – 40 Freezer for Pharmaceutical Client

Cyma recently completed  the installation of a new 700 square foot -40 degree Fahrenheit freezer for our pharmaceutical client in Malvern, PA.  The project included the removal of 700 square foot concrete slab on grade and installation of an insulated concrete slab (isolated by an epoxy control joint), freezer wall and ceiling panels and a roof top condenser unit on new galvanized steel dunnage. The project required a complete electrical shutdown of the building’s emergency gear, with new spare breakers being installed to eliminate future emergency shutdowns. The project was completed within its twelve week duration with final commissioning and qualification of the freezer being completed by the owner.

Cyma Builders Completes 45,000 SF Lab & Office Consolidation/Relocation

Cyma Builders was selected as the construction manager for a programmatic effort to relocate an existing R&D facility located in Radnor, PA to Malvern, PA and Springhouse, PA. The Malvern renovations consisted of a complete renovation to 35,000 SF of an existing Warehouse and Office Building to construct new Analytical Labs, Formulations Labs, API Bioreactor Suites, Wash Room Facility, API Freezer Farm, Hazardous Storage Space, Mechanical Room, and Office Space, as well as the addition of 16,500 SF of new asphalt parking lot space. Existing cryofreezer farms in the existing building footprint were maintained and operation throughout the duration of the project. A separate facility was renovated on the Malvern Campus to relocate the disrupted warehouse functions. The overall project was put under an aggressive schedule in order to allow for vacancy of the Radnor facility without any lease extensions.

Cyma Builders Awarded EPCM Contract for Liquids Manufacturing Facility in Alabama

Cyma Builders & Construction Managers has been awarded an EPCM Contract for a 7,000 SF expansion of our client’s existing Liquids Manufacturing Building. Challenges for this project include work within an active Manufacturing Facility and compliance with DEA requirements for controlled substances. Occupancy of the new structure is required by the end of 2014. Cyma looks forward to providing a seamless integrated delivery on this fast-tracked project.

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